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About us
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Over 40 years of existence in the United States of America, India Pentecostal church Inc. New York, would like to thank the almighty for protecting and providing for our safe and peaceful existence from the humble beginning in Harlem, New York city till now in Queens, NY, and even until the end. Our God has enabled us to overcome many obstacles during the past over 40 years and has kept us as a church in the NY Metropolitan area.

When our Pastor, Late. Rev. A.C. George received the vision of establishing a church, he adopted the name ‘India Pentecostal church’ from the footstep of our mother church in India and was the first in North America. From the outset on, the vision of the church was to uphold the principles, practices and doctrines of the Word of God and follow the faith of our fathers. When the church was established in July 1974, we only had a handful of believers and later on more people were added.

We worshipped in Harlem, at a Spanish Christian church from 1974 till we moved to our current location provided by the Almighty in 1983. We are very grateful to the Spanish Christian Church for their generosity and help during the infancy of our church. Ever since, the church activities have been conducted in our place of worship at 214-58 Jamaica Ave, Queens Village, NY, 11428. Once again we would like to thank our Lord for lifting us from humble beginnings. Beside the worship and nightly meetings, we have very active branch wings such as Sunday school, PYPA and Sodari Samajam. In addition, the charitable wing, “Gospel aide fund” and missionary wing, “India Gospel Mission” are also were active under the umbrella of our church.